Japan Photo Gallery: Before 3.11.11.

The following are photos from Stack Jones Japanese photography portfolio. All photos were taken prior to the triple disaster that took place on 3.11.11.

Photo Descriptions

1. Annual Yamagata City summer fireworks display.

2. Yamagata Castle.

3. Yamadera Temple waterfall.

4. The last Samurai battle took place at this location in Fukui. Samurai attempted to defend the castle against the first guns in Japan. The Samurai didn’t stand a chance and were slaughtered. The castle and its royal inhabitants were set ablaze.

5. Entrance to Fushimi Inari Temple.

6. Tojinbo located in Fukui prefecture on the Japan Sea.

7. Sunset on the Japan Sea.

8. Sunset on the Japan Sea.

9. Raise the red lanterns during a summer festival.

10. Sakura blossom.

11. A doll on display at Kenrouken Garden.

12. Zenpu Kuji Mallard ducks

13. Bamboo at a Kyoto Temple.

14. Yamadera temple. A view from the top.

15. Kyoto in autumn.

16. Kenrouken Garden in spring.

17. Kiomizu Temple in Kyoto.

18. Fukui Castle bridge.

19. The Japan Sea.

20. The Japan Sea in summer.

21. Okama Crater near Zao.

22. A baby is present at the opening day of the Echizen crab season.

23. A traditional children’s dance on a the longest walking bridge in Japan, which is located in Shizuoka.

24. A Maikohan in Kyoto.

25. Another Maikohan in Kyoto.

26. Yonezawa summer war festival.

27. Tokyo’s Rainbow Bridge.

28. Tokyo bar boys.

29. Waiting for a clearance in Tokyo.

30. Kyoto stone garden and a smile.

31. Fukui dance festival.

32. Kids in Kyoto at Fushimi Inari.

33. Zenpu Kuji Koen in autumn.

34. Grandfather, granddaughter and duck.

35. A Fukui farmer.

36. A Fukui rice farmer.

37. Autumn and cameras.

38. Mikuni festival cooking.

39. Mikuni festival.

40. A kid on a train.

41. Ginza bathers.

42. Ginza hotel light and bamboo.

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